Best Ways to Clean & Pack during Pandemic

If you are not in the position to postpone your move, you need to get acquainted with the ways to pack professionally, yet in a sanitary manner.

One of the most common (and often searched on Google) questions these days are about the spreading of coronavirus. How can we get infected? How long does the virus survive on surfaces? What is the perfect cleaning solution for it? These questions are particularly of importance for the ones who are in the middle of packing during a pandemic – yes, we know you exist, too. If you are not in the position to postpone your relocation – whether it’s a residential move or a commercial one – you need to get acquainted with the ways to pack professionally, yet do it in a sanitary manner. Let’s check it out together!

How does the COVID-19 transfer?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most probable way of spreading the virus is through direct, close contact with the infected person (i.e., if the person sneezes or coughs in your direction) – that’s why social distancing is crucial. However, there is also a possibility of getting infected by touching the contaminated surfaces and then touching your face, mouth, or nose – that’s why you should wash your hands!

How to clean the surfaces?

Even though the study is not yet confirmed, it is believed that the virus can ‘survive’ on surfaces like plastic or stainless steel up to three days. This is why it’s crucial to clean the surfaces with the solution that contains at least 70% alcohol. We strongly advise wearing disposable gloves while touching the surfaces. If you are packing your belongings, make sure to sanitize all the surfaces with an appropriate cleaner – pay close attention to cleaning tech appliances and what is safe to use on them.

What boxes are the safest?

Reusable plastic boxes are the best ones to use at the moment. You can easily sanitize them, without the fear of staying contaminated. Also, when they are closed, they will guard your belongings while remaining sturdy and strong. Pack carefully, sanitize, and take great care of your health, as well as your loved ones’. We’ll get through this!