Who we are


We are BluBox-it a Chicago based reusable bin company that is focused on reducing our overall carbon footprint and saving you money in the process. Using less cardboard boxes means less waste which makes for a cleaner planet.

What We Do

Our parents always told us “Work smarter, not harder,” and that what BluBox-it is all about. We help people move easier and more efficiently so moving day is a breeze. You order our reusable bins, we deliver them, you pack and move at your own convenience, then we pick them up, it’s that simple. It’s moving made easy, no hassle, no cardboard boxes, and no waste. We solve all those problems with our stackable easy to carry reusable bins.

With every BluBox-it package you get a custom Dollie made just for the reusable bins. The bins are stackable so you don’t need to worry about things falling over. They also have handles on each side which makes lifting and carrying a lot less stressful on your back. We provide you with zip ties as well to secure lids if necessary. There are so many benefits to using reusable bins you’ll never use cardboard boxes again.

Our bins not only help the environment but they also help you by saving you time, money, and not to mention the stress on your back! Try our bins once and we are sure you will recommend them to everyone you know. BluBox-it makes moving easy and more affordable.