Blubox-it vs. Cardboard

Our bins beat cardboard boxes in every aspect. Below are the comparisons of our bins to cardboard boxes.

blubox vs cardboard

Stackability of BluBox-it bins

No need to play tetris with our bins. Our bins fit neatly on top of one another for easy transportation. Cardboard boxes bulge when they are packed full, which makes them hard to stack and prone to falling over and damaging your belongings. The stackability of our bins are one of the best things about them. BluBox-it – 1, cardboard boxes – 0.


Durability of BluBox-it

No need to worry about your book collection with Blubox-it bins. With Blubox-it bins there is no need to worry about rain or water damaging your collections or breaking your glassware. Our bins are durable, so it doesn’t matter what you stack on what, your possessions are safe. Stack books on top of glassware no problem our bins will hold up. Try that with cardboard boxes and see what happens, I dare you. Blubox-it – 2, cardboard – 0.


Convenience of Blubox-it

We deliver and we pick up, how convenient. No need to worry about how to get rid of all those used cardboard boxes when using Blubox-it. We come pick up the bins when you are done moving. There is also no need for packing tape with our bins, which cuts down on moving time. Blubox-it – 3, cardboard boxes – 0.


Cheaper than cardboard

Customers will save an average of 50% when using Blubox-it over cardboard boxes. Need we say more? After the move, treat yourself to a nice dinner with the money you saved.
Blubox-it – 4, cardboard boxes – 0.


Re usability of Blubox-it bins

Unlike cardboard boxes our bin are reusable. Which saves the trees and the planet. Our bins will be around and helping the community move year after year. Cardboard boxes are usually one and done. Blubox-it bins – 5, cardboard boxes – 0.


We think you get the point. Chicago moving box company, Blubox-it is the way to go for all your moving needs.