Everything You Should Know About Plastic Moving Bins

In the pandemic, it seems natural to use plastic crates for moving as they can be easily sanitized to avoid very contagious virus spread. If you go for this option, we’d like to describe everything you want to ask about using our plastic boxes.

Is It Safe To Use During COVID-19?

Safety is, probably, the most critical question nowadays. We cleaned our moving crates before the pandemic after every use, and now we sanitize them according to the current instructions and requirements.

How Do I Know How Many Boxes To Order?

It’s pretty simple, and you don’t need to calculate anything as we created packages depending on your household. Check here for a residential move and here for corporate relocation.

Do I Need To Find Other Packing Supplies?

It depends on specific of your possessions, but together with plastic bins, you will receive a custom dolly, especially for BluBox crates, you can out four or five on each dolly.

You will also get zips for keeping lids from opening and labels for faster unpacking and arranging at your new house.

We also offer other packing supplies:

– BluBox-It Wardrobe boxes if you want to keep your clothes in a perfect condition after moving;

– BluBBox-It Eco-Friendly Packing Paper, which is made of 100% recycled material. You can use it combining with our sturdy moving boxes for fragile things or separately for whatever needs you may have.

– BluBBox-It Bubble Wrap, which suits the same purpose as packing paper, but more secure for exceptionally fragile items.


Other questions:

  • If you need to keep our moving crates for longer, additional charges will apply. Contact us to let us know how much time you will keep it, and we will calculate it for you.
  • In case you want to purchase our BluBox-it plastic crates, the cost is $35 per each.
  • There is no delivery and pick-up fee if it’s in the “Blue” area, call us 847-414-8101 for more details. You someone 18+ should be present to receive the boxes. Signature is required for delivery and pick-up.