‘Green’ Packing – How to Eco Pack For Move?

If you are considering environmentally friendly move, white not get plastic relocation boxes? Here are some tips for eco-friendly (and possibly cheaper) move.

When a typical American family relocates from a five-bedroom house, you can imagine the amount of bubble wrap, cardboard boxes of different sizes, packing paper, and tape they need. Wow! Geez! Not only these packing supplies are going to cost a few hundreds of dollars, but all of this will be thrown away and accumulate more trash.

If you are considering an environmentally friendly move, white not get plastic relocation boxes? Here are some tips for an eco-friendly (and possibly cheaper) move.

Rent Moving Bins

Even though it seems like a more expensive alternative to their cardboard ‘sisters,’ plastic move boxes are a much safer solution. It’s better to be safe than sorry since cardboard is not as sturdy as plastic and your precious items can be broken and damaged much easier. Also, if you are a nature lover, you won’t waste any more natural materials and take your part in helping the environment. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Stuff You Own As Packing Supplies

In addition to environmentally friendly moving bins, get creative – your towels, rags, or even bed sheets can use as wrapping materials for the dishes or some ceramic figures. This is, also, one of the great solutions for protecting your fragile items while saving money on bubble wrap and other packing supplies.

Donate Old Packing Supplies

If you already have the packing supplies but want to think about the environment, consider donating or selling them to someone else who’ll need them. You’ll be the one to break the cycle of throwing away too much cardboard and other materials. You might seem like your contribution is minor, but remember – it always starts with one person!

We are happy that, even though many of you are going through the organizational and packing stress of relocation (whether it’s local move or long-distance), you’re still thinking about eco-friendly ways to do so. Keep it up and have a happy move!