Whether you notice it immediately or not, the relocation will have quite an impact on your kids. They will feel the change as much as you do, without the coping mechanisms adults have. A child’s room is their little empire. Here is how to pack it and prepare for a smooth move.

Pack Last, Prepare Early

A child should have their schedule and routine uninterrupted as long as possible before the moving day because kids can be quite sensitive when it comes to relocation. However, even though the room should be packed last, you still have to organize and plan what and how to pack the room. Usually, children’s toys are a handful.

Sort through & Declutter Toys

Your child can be a toddler or a teenager, but regardless of their age, there are always some toys lying around, especially those that your child has outgrown and won’t use anymore. Go through the toys; see what you want to keep and what needs to go. When packing, protect the fragile items and place them in plastic boxes as they will maximize security.

Sort through & Declutter Books

School-aged kids will have lots of books in their room, and you will also have to go through them and see what the kid needs and what doesn’t. When it comes to packing books, take a smart approach, knowing that boxes with books will be the heaviest.

Disassembling & Packing Furniture

It would be best to pack the furniture the same you would while packing your living room or other rooms. Disassemble what can be disassembled, pack, and protect.

We hope both you and your children enjoy the new home. Good luck!