Even though it’s usually the most spacious room in one’s home, not many of you consider the living room problematic to pack for a move. Contrary to packing kitchen, the living room might not contain so many fragile items to move, but don’t overrate the time and effort you will put into packing it. Does your favorite place to unwind and spend time with family and friends need to be packed into boxes? Let’s see how to pack a living room.

Packing Furniture                                                                                                    

When packing sofas and chairs, before disassembling, wrapping, and protecting the pieces, remove the cushions from them. Bookshelves, cabinets, and other shelves go by a similar principle – before you disassemble them and wrap them, remove all the items from there.

TV and Electronics

Before removing all the cords and cables from your appliances, especially those complicated to assemble, take pictures of assembled pieces to know how to do it in a new home. Then, remove all the cables and keep them safe in waterproof bags that can be sealed. Protect the screens with either cardboard or styrofoam. If you have original boxes of your appliances, those will be their best guards. If not, wrap them individually with moving blankets or other material, and secure them with tape. Protect all the fragile pieces with bubble wrap or another padding before putting them into sturdy packing boxes.

Carpets and Curtains

These items are not fragile but still need to be protected from dirt, humid environment, and dust. The easiest solution for draperies and curtains would be plastic bags which you can seal. Roll the rugs, cover them in protecting wraps, and secure them with tape.