To transport our belongings the right way and keep them safe and in one piece during the relocation, we need appropriate boxes. We can choose between a variety of cardboard and plastic boxes for moving, but which ones would fit the best? Most likely is that you would find all of them useful. Let’s see which boxes to use for which items and how.

Plastic is More Durable

When you are on the cautious side, it pays off in the long run. If you want to be safe with the choice of boxes and not think about the items that possibly need long-term storage or some heavier or more fragile items. Plastic crates are easily stackable, less susceptible to breakage, and have an impenetrable barrier for moisture and liquid.

Cardboard is Cheap and Easy

Most of us would opt for at least a few cardboard boxes for multiple reasons, one of them being the fact that we probably already have some cardboard boxes lying around in our homes. These boxes are cheaper, easy to get, and can help you relocate for sure. However, being careful is of the essence as these boxes can fall apart if moisture reaches them, can’t handle items that are too heavy, and you have to be careful while stacking them in the moving truck.

Mix and Match

Depending on your budget, beliefs, and comfort, you can opt for either only plastic or only cardboard. However, you can achieve balance by mixing them. Use cardboard boxes for lighter items and the ones you know you will unpack (as well as original boxes of the appliances), and opt for plastic boxes for the fragile, heavier, and items for which you need more protection. Packing can be fun and not as stressful once you find the method that suits you best.