How to Pack Boxes Correctly

How to Pack Boxes Correctly

If you are about to relocate your home or office, that is surely a happy occasion. Pop open your champagne (or a beer can, or a water bottle, whatever you like) for this! But, even though you might feel happy and excited about the change, there might be a lot of work you’re about to do. Packing is one of the components of the relocation that might take the most time. So, how to tackle it?

When you know how to pack your boxes properly and establish a little system, the relocation will go smoothly. Here are some tips to pack your boxes easily.

Use the Correct Size

Depending on the items that go into the boxes, make sure to pick the correct size and material. You should be able to fit the item into the box so it doesn’t fit too loosely. Packing materials like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or packing paper can also help. If you don’t want to spend too much on those packing materials, you can always DIY it with your towels, old magazine pages, etc.

Boxes of Sturdy Material

The material of the boxes can be crucial as well. If you use plastic boxes for some belongings that need additional protection, you can be sure the weather conditions or the weight won’t distort the box and damage the items. Especially if you are packing for storage, you can be sure that plastic crates are the way to go.

Pack Heavy to Light

Whether you use plastic or cardboard boxes, make sure to put the heaviest items at the bottom. That’s how you will create balance and prevent items from breaking.

Don’t Over-Pack

With an over-packed box, there is always the danger of damage. Make sure the boxes are not half-full but that there is a little space that can be filled with some packing materials for assistance. The boxes shouldn’t be too heavy, either.

Arrange By Rooms

The best idea is to organize your items by room and pack them accordingly. Also, when you pack similar items together, it will be easier to organize and unpack. Good luck.

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