As Halloween season is coming to an end and massive packing is ensuing afterward, we need to jump in with some suggestions, especially if you are relocating after the holidays. The best time for relocation is, actually, after the holidays are over, but that is another topic – this time, we can focus on packing up all that spooky décor. We know how to pack the clothes, even kitchenware, but what to do with the Halloween stuff?

How can we pack all our “terrifying” Halloween decorations for relocation? Check out these useful pieces of advice to pack with ease.

What to Throw Away?

Before you start packing, it’s crucial to get rid of the decorations you know you won’t need next year. Let’s face it – even if we don’t plan to buy some Halloween décor for the next season, we end up doing it anyway. What do you know you won’t need next year? Declutter before packing immediately.

Clean Before Packing

Decorations get dirty, especially the ones that stand in front of your house. And on top of that, dirty items can attract insects or even mold. To prevent that from happening, take some time to clean your décor before putting it in the boxes.

Use Sturdy Packaging

Some Halloween decorations can get quite pricey and fragile, as well. Sturdy packaging and proper wrapping will avoid damage. You won’t go wrong with sturdy plastic boxes as they will protect the items, especially during relocation.

Save Original Packaging

If you can save the original packaging of some decoration, it will provide good protection, as well. Just make sure to protect the items well before packing.

Packing doesn’t have to be a hassle, even if you’re dealing with skeletons and fake, scary pumpkins. Trick or treat!