7 Must have materials to pack your kitchen stuff in 2024

7 Must Have Materials to Pack Your Kitchen Stuff

Moving is indeed an overwhelming task for everyone wanting to move. The most challenging and time-consuming room to pack is your kitchen. It takes a lot of care, making you feel frustrated. As you know there are many fragile and dangerous items in the kitchen like knives, china bowls and glass dishes.

These items require professional care while packing and transporting. In this article, we will discuss 7 must-have materials to pack your kitchen stuff. Let’s explore how to pack your important stuff to make your move stress-free.

7 Must have materials to pack your kitchen stuff

We recommend you use the following material for packing your kitchen stuff.

1.Moving Boxes

If your kitchen has a standard size, then use the following types of boxes and cartons for packing. It depends upon your choice whether you prefer purchased items or rental bins for moving.

  • For items like cutlery sets, pots and pans: 15-20 strong medium-sized boxes.
  • For packing breakable items such as chinaware, platea or crockery sets: 5-7 dish-pack boxes.
  • For glasses, bottles and stemware: Use dish barrels.


2. Packing Tape and Paper

Keep in mind do not compromise on quality and use a good quality tape and dispenser for packing. It is recommended to purchase in bulk as you have to use it a lot. Packing paper is sold in the market in sheets. You can use this to protect your fragile items from any damage during storage or moving.

3. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is also used for packing your fragile items. It is a regularly spaced, swollen air-filled hemisphere that provides the best cushioning for items such as glasses, chinaware, stemware and silverware. Not only for kitchen stuff, bubble wraps are also used for other items like furniture. You should purchase them in bulk to save your money.

4. Markers and Labelling materials

Permanent markers are necessary part packing materials for moving, it is used to label each box for remembering what the box contains. Write the items and mark them as fragile if necessary. You can purchase different types of colorful labeling stickers for every box. It is good to mark every box with appropriate tags such as Fragile, dishware or glasses.

5. Food storage containers

Food packaging materials have four types: plastics, metal cans, vacuum pouches, and glass jars. They are necessary to provide freshness and to prevent food from spoilage. If you buy a properly sealed container, it maintains food quality and reduces waste. For a more sustainable solution, rent plastic moving boxes for food storage.

6. Glass dividers

For packing stemware and glasses, you can use dividers. Glass dividers are also used in packing store vases or other fragile stuff. They come in the markets in several sizes. Alternatively, you can use DIY dividers with empty shoe boxes or food containers to keep your items safe during moving.

7. Moving blankets

Professional moving companies use moving blankets to protect furniture pieces and kitchen appliances from any damage during moving. Just wrap it around the appliances you want to protect. You must purchase quality blankets for the right purpose. If you want to make packing cost-effective, then use old blankets, linens or large towels in your home.


What packing materials will I need for kitchenware?

You need bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing paper and tape to pack kitchen appliances.

What should I not pack while moving?

You should not pack items like perishable food, home plants and household cleaners when moving.

How many boxes do I need to pack in the kitchen?

You will most probably need different boxes having different sizes for packing your kitchen stuff. Do you know? you can use rentable moving boxes instead of buying them.

How do I pack appliances without a box?

You do not need boxes for large items. You can use a stretch wrap or a moving blanket.



You can feel stressed by the amount of time and effort required to pack your kitchen appliances. If you are well aware of the material needed to pack, then you can save time. We have provided 7 must-have materials to pack your kitchen stuff. Now do not worry about packing, because we have simplified the process for you