National Moving Month: A Tribute by Blubox-it Packing Company

Many people think of May as the unofficial start of summer because school is over and the days are getting warmer and longer. May is also the beginning of peak moving season, which is the busiest time of the year for moving. May is also National Moving Month. At this time of the year, a lot of Americans are packing up and getting ready to move to new places, both nearby and across the country. Some people find moving exciting, but for others it can be one of the most stressful and upsetting things they’ve ever done. About 8.4% of people in the US, or 27.1 million, moved in 2023, according to the Census Bureau. It’s likely that the number will rise even more this year. Because of this, if you want to move this busy season, start planning right away, if you haven’t already.

For a tribute to National Moving Month, Blubox-it compiled useful packing tips for a smooth and stress-free move.


Tips for a Successful Move During National Moving Month

Blubox-it gives the following moving tips to make sure your move goes smoothly during this busy time:

1. Plan Early

Due to it being a busy period especially for movers, you require to plan for occasion prior to its time. Well, if you are interested in any particular date then it would be wise to book your packing and moving services in advance.

2. Clean up before you pack

These are good times when it comes to decluttering your house and getting rid of the clothes, appliances and items that are not necessary to bring in your new house. Get rid of things one really doesn’t require any more in order to reduce the number of items he or she is going to transport. This is that all the mentioned issues have benefits of saving your time and costs/ dollars.

3. Label Boxes Clearly

Ensure that your all the boxes you are sending are accurately labeled as to their content and fitting place. This assists the movers to place all your things in the right position at your new house hence making moving less straining.

4. Prepare an ‘Essential Bag’

Pack items that you can use immediately upon your arrival in a box that is separate from the others such as food and toiletries. This could be clothes, towels, and other salon stuff like shampoos etc, electronics chargers and any other essential paper works or preparing utensils. The feel of having these important things near them may reduce stress when starting the new apartment’s first days.

5. Stay Organized

Make sure that all the moving contracts, papers, the packing and moving company’s contacts are kept in a folder which is specially for the moving papers. When moving at some point of the year, it is crucial to learn how to schedule yourself so that you will not lose track of everything.

Blubox-it Celebrating National Moving Month

National Moving Month is not only about moving; it is also a time not only for the community, but also for professional movers and packers to be valued. This is a good opportunity to be part of our community and contribute in the most helpful form.

1.Engaging the community: As they celebrate National Moving Month, Blubox-it is engaged in numerous neighborhood projects. We are associated with local organizations that assist the needy and also assist poor families who want to move by offering to pack and move them. This participation in the community is in line with our mission of enhancing the wellbeing of the clienteles we assist.

2.Educational Outreach: We also utilize National Moving Month as an opportunity to educate people the right way of packing and moving their items. The company Blubox-it supports people and families preparing for their relocations by our helpful tips and recommendations.


Final Thoughts

Don’t bother with how you will pack for the move be it locally or to another state. Blubox-it Packing Company having all the necessary expertise and equipments can assist you. We are here to help you every step of the way with our full range of packing services, our highly trained staff and our commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Blubox-it would like to wish you a National Moving Month, and inform you that with our assistance you can smoothly and without any difficulties move into a new home.