A big relocation calls for a big „congrats.“ You decided to start over in a new home and we applaud you for that. However, before getting a fresh start, you still need to pack up all your present – into boxes. Many of them. Whether you are relocating in your neighborhood or cross-state, you are in for an adventure. Going through all your stuff will surely be – tedious, physically exhausting, but also beautiful while going through all your memories. But, how we pack efficiently and swiftly? Here are a couple of crucial tips.

Spring Purge

Birds are singing, the weather is getting nicer, and we all love to do the cleanup. This is of critical importance, especially if you are relocating your belongings. Getting rid of those clothes from high school that’s all worn out or that coffee machine in the basement you hoped will magically repair itself is a must. What needs to go, needs to go. The time is now!

Pack Decorations First

We all love those dainty items in our house that make space look a bit more personalized and cool. However, whether you do a local move or a long-distance relocation, you should pack those items first. Packing the miscellaneous, you will do yourself a massive favor in the beginning.

Go The Reusable Route

If you saved the original boxes for your tech appliances, that will be of big help. Also, for the rest of your items, the most practical – as well as an eco-friendly – solution would be renting the reusable, plastic boxes like Blubox. Stackable, sturdy boxes will do a great job protecting all your belongings.

Have Fun

As stressful as relocation can be, it can also be one of the best things that happened to you. Get happy and excited about your fresh start. And, with these useful pieces of advice, make sure your sorting and packing into boxes become a good, satisfying experience. Have a good one!