Packing your home doesn’t have to be a stressful process but exactly the opposite. If you prepare well and start on time, two weeks of scheduled packing will be enough for you, and it can even be a fun experience.

What are the steps that make the packing process simpler? Let’s see how to pack easily and without anxiety.

Get Packing Materials

The sooner you gather your packing materials, the better. Whether you opt for DIY solutions like towels for padding or getting top-quality plastic boxes, do it early enough so you can start packing comfortably on time.

Pack Non-Essentials First

The non-essentials include all the items you won’t need any time soon like clothes from the opposite season or items from your pantry you most likely won’t need in the coming weeks. Get to work in unused rooms, your garage, etc. because the items in the kitchen, for example, will go last.

Pack Room by Room

When you pack room by room, you will less likely get confused with packing and labeling. It will also be much easier to relocate and unpack once you get into your new home. Another pro tip – keep all the boxes in that room they are from until you relocate them. It will make less room for confusion.

Label Your Boxes

When you label the items in your boxes, be mindful of not only the items but also the room the items are from. That will make a world of difference with unpacking. When it comes to labeling, use whatever system works for you, whether it’s different colors, stickers, or any other system you like.