Packing Tips for Space Management & Smart Solutions

Yes, you can pack so effectively to use less space. Here are some handy packing hacks to minimize the number of boxes.

Are you dreading the thought of packing for a move? Hopefully, you aren’t, because it doesn’t have to feel that bad. Yes, we do know that packing takes up most of our time and energy while preparing for relocation, especially when you think about the huge number of boxes you will deal with. You need to know how to pack your bathroom, kitchen, etc., how to label all those boxes, and it can get tiring. Fortunately, there are practical ways to save space while packing.  Yes, you can pack so effectively that you use less space. Here are some handy packing hacks to minimize the number of boxes.

Roll Your Clothes

Folding all your clothes nicely and placing them into your plastic boxes (or cardboard ones) is not the best idea because it wastes so much space. Did you know that rolling your clothes uses less space? Another mind-blowing fact is that when rolled, your clothes will probably get less wrinkled.

Vacuum Bags

This is a marvelous space saver, too. Not only will it shrink the volume of puffy jackets, blankets, covers, etc., saving a ton of space, but it will also preserve the freshness of those items that end up in the vacuum bag.

Wardrobe Boxes

When you can pack all your clothes while on hangers, you will save a lot of space and time. The reason is simple: not only can you easily put all your clothes on the hangers in those specialized plastic boxes, but you can also use the space that is left under those hanging clothes. Two birds with one stone!

Suitcases for Books

This is a wonderful hack that helps with the weight of the books, too. It will be much easier to manage your sturdy suitcases when they are filled with books than flimsy cardboard boxes, for example.

Stuff Shoes with Paper

This might not seem like a revelation, but it often gets overlooked. If you don’t want your shoes to get a weird shape during the relocation, make sure to stuff them with paper. Voila!