Winter is here! We don’t mind the winter joys and we do love the holidays, but when it comes to winter clothes, we don’t necessarily like packing them for relocation. Packing clothes can be quite a daunting task altogether, but where should we start when we have lots of winter coats, bulky sweaters, jackets, etc. to pack up? The biggest challenge here is the space and how to “squeeze” everything in.

Wondering how to pack all your massive winter clothes for a move? Here are some useful tips to pack it all up like a pro.

Declutter – Get Rid of Excess

Depending on where you are relocating, you will need more or fewer winter clothes. There are always going to be some garments you won’t need and that’s when you should either sell or donate them. Go through all your winter pieces, decide what stays and what goes, and happily reduce your pile.

You Will Need Big Boxes

We have already mentioned how much space your winter clothes will take. Also, fortunately, all those garments are not difficult to pack up. You can use big plastic boxes to pack it up, or even cardboard boxes as they won’t get too heavy.

Winter Clothes are Not Fragile

One of the advantages of those bulky clothing pieces is that they are not fragile and can get easily folded, rolled, and placed inside the boxes. You can even use vacuum bags to save up on space and preserve the freshness of the garments.