Are you one of those who get packing anxiety when you think about it? Yes, packing all your belongings into boxes seems like a huge deal and it might make you feel like you bit more than you can chew. However, if broken down into smaller pieces, even packing a four-bedroom house can be done very efficiently and rather fast.

But, how to make ourselves be productive and pack efficiently in the world of distractions? Let’s check how and why you should time yourself while packing.

Because it makes it more doable

When you think of the task of packing up your house in its entirety, it will seem like too much. But, when you break it down into smaller tasks – or even think only of the one task that is in front of you – it gets much, much easier. You don’t want to think about hours and hours you will spend labeling and packing up all these cardboard and plastic boxes. Think about that one hour you will set on your timer for the day, or even better, the first couple of minutes when you start.

Because it will help you avoid procrastination

If you set the timer for an hour (or even less than that) and dedicate that time only to focused packing, you probably won’t get distracted. You will know that you have that time dedicated to only doing that, and once you finish, you can go on with the rest of your day. Or, if you get really inspired, you can stay and do more than planned, but even if you don’t, you will know you’ve done your job.

Because it will help you avoid stress

When we choose the actions that serve us, we feel so much better. The same goes with packing because if we choose to procrastinate until the ‘last minute,’ we will feel overwhelmed and stressed. But, when we choose to be in control of that one hour, packing and labeling, we will be more in control of our time and emotions.

Life gets better with a sprinkle of the organization so get that timer and may the clock start ticking.