Whether you’re moving home locally, close to your neighborhood, or far away, you will need boxes for your books, clothes, and miscellaneous items. How you pack your belongings is crucial – we need to know how to pack safely, as well as how to organize packing and make it practical. One of the major dilemmas, however, has been the one between the materials of the packing boxes. Should we choose good ol’ cardboard or plastic?

Blubox insists on the ever-efficient and user-friendly plastic crates. So, why are the plastic boxes a better choice than a cardboard option? Let’s find out together, based on three criteria.

  1. Environmental awareness

How in the world can plastic be better for the environment, one might ask. Plastic can be recycled only a certain amount of time. That is true. However, producing paper leaves a more significant carbon footprint. Not to mention the chunk of our nature we destroy to create all that paper and cardboard. Plastic crates are rentable and can be, therefore, used many times.

  1. User-friendliness

One might opt for either buying cardboard boxes or using some old boxes they already have or might have found. We agree that cardboard can be a no-cost option – but if you are having a hard time stacking them and transporting them, you get double the effort.

  1. Safety

Cardboard is, unfortunately, a flimsy material that gets damp very quickly. On the other hand, rentable plastic crates are stackable and easy to carry. There are different sizes and shapes which can cater to your needs, depending on the size and shapes of items you own. See? Sometimes, plastic can be fantastic!