Pre-Relocation Purging – What to Get Rid Of

You will feel much better when you say goodbye to unnecessary junk before moving to a new location. Let's see how to do it.

Cleaning is a great way to re-check all the items you might or might not need. It’s particularly important to do it when relocating as the number of items can affect the relocating price. But, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t make such drama over getting rid of certain items. Yes, some of you are low-key hoarders, but you will feel much better when you say goodbye to unnecessary junk before moving to a new location. Let’s see how to do it.

Purging Closets

Many of us hold on for dear life to some ridiculous clothing items. Before packing your wardrobe into plastic boxes (or cardboard boxes, but be practical and safe, please), go through your clothes and check them through asking questions like Has it been over two years you’ve last worn some pieces? Do certain pieces not fit you anymore? What pieces do you think you’ll never wear again? The garments that don’t pass those filtering questions need to go.

Garage Purge

Your garage is like a black hole as it contains things you didn’t know existed anymore and the things you didn’t know you ever got. But all jokes aside, garage reveals the not-so-tidy side of us, and we need to take care of it. Any appliances that don’t work, hazardous materials and suspicious aluminum cans, lighting that stopped working a long time ago, stained and old garden cushions you know you won’t use – it’s time to get rid of those.

Online Sale & Donation

If after purging you came across some great garments, appliances, pieces of furniture, etc. that you know you won’t need, but someone else might, it’s time to sell or donate them. Whatever you want or need to do, you can do it. Sell your goods online (as a garage sale is not the best thing to do during a pandemic), give some items to your friends or relatives, or donate to charity. Someone will make great use of your purged goods.