What Supplies Do You Need For a Perfect Move?

The right moving supplies will simplify the packing process and make it much easier for you. Here's what you need.

When you think about moving supplies, you might think of some cardboard boxes and duct tape. However, that is far from enough for a smooth packing process and relocation. Since packing is one of the tedious tasks people mostly dread (some enjoy packing and organizing, we can’t generalize), we have to simplify it. The right moving supplies will simplify the packing process and make it much easier for you. Here’s what you need.


Packing Essentials

  • Plastic moving bins– If you have cardboard boxes on-hand, or better yet, the original boxes of your electrical appliances, those will be perfect for relocation. However, renting plastic moving boxes will make your relocation easier and safer. They are also easy to clean and disinfect in this time of COVID pandemic.
  • Tape– When you buy tape, get slightly more than you think you need because you don’t want to run out during the busy time. Also, get a stronger tape because you will need that sticking power.
  • Padding & bubble wrap – Investing in bubble wrap might be necessary for some items, but not always. You can use blankets, towels, and other cloth materials for padding, as well, and that’s how you can save money.
  • Labeling stickers or markers – Whatever you prefer and need of these two, buy it because you will have to do a lot of labeling.


Moving Furniture – What You Need

  • Cargo rope or strap– Letting your furniture and other items shift around and possibly get damaged is a big no. Straps and rope will help keep things in place.
  • Tools – Since you will have to disassemble some furniture, a tool kit will be needed but will come in handy regardless of a relocation, which makes it a good investment.
  • Dolly – It will be of immense help for moving heavy furniture around, and you can rent it instead of buying it.


Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Sanitizing products & face masks – Hand sanitizer and other sanitizing products are essential for all of us as we are trying to keep safe from coronavirus. Face masks will be a necessity on a moving day when the relocation team arrives.
  • Gloves, garbage bags, buckets – Chances are you probably have most of these miscellaneous items for cleaning, but you will need things like buckets, mop, and garbage bags alongside other cleaning products.

Putting your life into boxes can be an overwhelming task. Yet, we wish you the best of luck and success with putting these pieces of advice to good use.