Why To Choose Plastic Boxes During The Pandemic?

If you are planning a relocation and wonder which packing supplies to choose, we prepared this text to help you make the right decision.

The choice is between cardboard and plastic boxes. Before the COVID-19, many people would prefer to save money and find re-used cardboard boxes, but the current situation is different, and who knows if it will be a safe option again. Let’s see why it’s a better idea to choose plastic crates for packing during the pandemic.

Helps Avoid The Virus Spread.

There are various reasons to go for plastics crates for packing in general, but now it’s even more critical. In times of coronavirus still being very dangerous, disinfection becomes an essential attribute of maintaining ourselves healthy. It’s said that the virus can be contaminating on surfaces for hours and even days. There’s no way to disinfect the cardboard without damaging it, but it’s not problematic with plastic. Don’t forget to sanitize other surfaces at your home regularly and before the moving crew comes for loading.

Reduces Harm To Environment.

“How is that possible?” you may ask, but imagine, how many times can we re-use plastic bins vs. single time of cardboard? Producing cardboard and paper requires using lots of nature’s one of the essential resources, forests. Whereas plastic bag, e.g., initially, was invented to reduce harm to our environment precisely because it can be used multiple times.

It’s not the time to postpone care of our nature, imagine, how much of waste the world added with months of using face masks which have to be replaced regularly? But as it’s necessary to save lives, let’s reduce the hard where we can.

Saves Your Time Before And During Moving.

Plastic crates are designed to be piled one-on-other, making the process much more comfortable and organized. It also lets movers do their job of loading and unloading much faster and efficient as it’s easy to carry thanks to handles and the size. The plastic is extremely stiff, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings’ safety.