The right moving supplies can improve the speed and quality of your move preparations quite a bit. Whether you are DIYing your relocation or getting all the packing materials, it doesn’t matter – some of these packing supplies will surely be a must. With the right preparation for packing and good packing materials, your move can get much easier. So, what do you need?

Packing Boxes

Whether they are big or small, plastic boxes or cardboard versions, you will need at least some boxes to pack some items, especially the ones that need extra care. If you get different box sizes, pack heavier items in the smaller ones, and the lighter items in the bigger boxes.

Labeling Materials

Labeling will be one of the crucial points of packing since you will sort your things much easier in a new location. Depending on your preference, you can choose labeling markers or stickers.

Cushioning Items

Whether those are foam wrapping sheets or bubble wrap, cushioning supplies are of the essence for packing fragile items like dishes, figurines, etc.

Packing Tape

If there is anything you will need for relocation, it will be packing tape. Even if you DIY the rest of the packing supplies, make sure to buy more packing tape than you think you need. Also, don’t buy the cheapest one since you need something with better sticking power.

Packing Rope

If you don’t want your items and furniture shifting around, investing in a rope or a cargo strap is a smart idea. You will need a thicker strap or rope to keep your furniture secured, but not break it either.