If you are searching for ways to pack dishes for relocation, it probably means you already started packing room by room. Packing in itself is a demanding task, but dishes require an additional amount of care since they are fragile.

How to successfully pack dishes for relocation? Here are some quick tips to help you protect, pack, and label your kitchen items.

Reinforce, Pad, Place

With all the fragile dishes, the essential thing is padding. You will need bubble wrap, packing paper and peanuts, and other cushioning, depending on your preference. If you are using cardboard boxes, make sure to reinforce them, even if they are new. Plastic boxes usually don’t need reinforcing as they are much sturdier. After you pad the dishes and make sure the box is strong, place the dishes and use the packing paper. The more fragile dishes there are, the more cushioning.

Stack, Repeat, Label

When you are stacking your dishes, especially the plates, always make sure they are properly insulated with adequate materials – bubble wrap, towels, paper, or whatever you chose. Fill the gaps in the box so its content is secured, but never over-pack. With kitchen items, especially dishes, make sure to label it on multiple sides so both you and the movers know you are handling fragile items. Good luck!