The art of the start is a tough one to master, honestly. Somehow, the art of procrastination always seems to get the best of us. But, what to do when you are about pack up for a relocation? In that case, procrastination might mean chaos. You can get so overwhelmed by all the work you haven’t done that you get flooded by anxiety. And who would want that? But, how to make yourself pack when you don’t feel like it?

You can hack your mind to pack for relocation, even when you are not in the mood for it. Here is how to beat procrastination.

Start With Anything

Many people feel like they should start with a certain area of their home or certain items, or until after they declutter. If you’re having issues with starting, it’s important to just get on with it, whether it’s packing your bedroom, packing the off-season shoes, or anything else.

Start Earlier Than Early

Some people schedule relocation and feel an immediate impulse to start packing, but they ignore it because “there will be more time.” Later, when it’s really time to pack, they start procrastinating. That’s why our favorite tip is not to ignore the initial impulse. Start immediately. That’s why, when it gets harder to stay motivated, it is easier to continue than to start.

Get Good-Quality Boxes

When you are surrounded by some flimsy and weak boxes, you won’t feel like packing. The sooner you get some good, plastic crates and boxes for packing, the more enjoyable experience it will be to put your things in them.

Avoid Remembering “The Old Days” While Packing

Some people, while packing, start going through their things and remember all the memories related to those items. That, even though can be lovely, is not productive as is the most common way to procrastinate. Resist the urge and put that photo album into a box.