When we are relocating, packing is one of our major tasks, and it’s quite easy to prioritize items for packing. It’s crucial to know how to pack your kitchen or how to pack clothes, but who does ever think about candles? If you are all about setting your mood and have a candle collection you are proud of, you have to know how to pack them safely for transport. You want to protect and preserve your candles, which is easy if you know how. How will the candles withstand high temperatures? Can the wax melt? Will the candles get damaged during the move? Let’s see how to pack and move candles.

Choose Appropriate Boxes

The boxes that you use for candles should be big enough to store your candle collection in them, but not too big. You don’t want too much empty space, and this doesn’t apply only to candles, but to the other items as well. Also, the quality of the boxes makes a big difference. If you choose durable plastic boxes, your candles will be well-protected in them.

Candle Packing Hacks

The candles’ original packaging will do a great job protecting them if you still have it. If you don’t, fear not. Make sure to wrap them individually, whether they are votive or skinny candles. That’s how you will protect them from melting.

Use Packing Paper or Old Towels/Linen

If you are DIY-ing the wrapping, make sure to use the old towels and the linen since the candles can make a mess. Packing paper can be of great help before you wrap candles in towels or rags.

Will Candles Melt?

On a hot day, in a big truck that can heat up quite a bit, there is no guarantee that your candles will stay in good shape. If you have the option, transport them in an air-conditioned vehicle or find another, safe way to ship them to your new location.