Box Guide – Types of Moving Boxes

Beside the difference between cardboard and plastic boxes for moving, what are the other types? Let’s check them out together.

When one pictures a box, their mind immediately goes to a typical, cardboard box image since that used to be the most common thing we could see. Nowadays, things have changed quite a bit, and we have a huge array of boxes, especially when it comes to moving. They come in different shapes and sizes, as well as materials.

Besides the difference between cardboard and plastic boxes for moving, what are the other types? Let’s check them out together.

Medium-Sized Boxes

In boxes like these, you can store a variety of items, but they are best suited for heavy items such as books or other pieces with more weight to them.

Large Boxes

You can store so many different items in your large boxes such as toys, pans, and pots, or even small appliances. For bulkier items, you can find even an extra large box size.

Wardrobe Boxes

These massive boxes are intended for your clothes as they have incorporated hangers. They make the wardrobe packing process so much easier since you can easily transfer your clothes from one closet to another.

How to Choose the Right Boxes?

Choosing the right boxes (and the boxes or a certain material, be it cardboard or plastic) depends on your individual needs, preferences, and the number of items you are dealing with. Make sure to arm yourself with durable, stackable crates that are easy to work with. That’s how you will be able to pack for relocation stress-free.