Everybody approaches packing as a chore, it seems. We understand why you might feel like it’s tedious and something you would like to procrastinate on, but when approached properly, packing doesn’t have to cause you stress. Whatever you do, whether it’s looking at how to pack a garage or bedroom, you can make it stress-free.

Since packing before the relocation is a must, there must be ways to make it a comfortable experience. Here is how to pack without stress.

Start Right after Setting Moving Date

Usually, we get that initial motivation and urge to do something in the early stages of the relocation and, as time goes by, the less we do, the less we feel like starting in the first place. That’s why you should utilize that initial enthusiasm and start as soon as you set the moving date.

Start With Cleaning Storage

Sometimes, we don’t even realize how much stuff we have lying around. If you start with purging, the packing will become a much more pleasant experience once you realize you’re getting rid of old items you forgot you had.

Pack Rooms and Things You Don’t Use

If you have a guest room, for example, you can pack it up first because you don’t need it. The same goes with clothes from the opposite seasons of which you are in and other items you don’t need at the moment.

Use Good-Quality Boxes

It can be quite unnerving to make an effort and pack the items into a box – and then the box falls apart. Since cardboard (not necessarily, but sometimes) can betray you, go for more durable options, especially for heavier or fragile items. Plastic moving bins are a safe and easy option as they are waterproof, stackable, and easy to maneuver.