The coronavirus pandemic hit us like a ton of bricks. We are all getting used to the stressful situation, and the best thing to do is to stay home. But, what to do when you have a scheduled relocation and cannot postpone it? It doesn’t matter if you are relocating your home or business – this pandemic brings a new dimension of stress to your relocation. How to prepare for a move during COVID-19? What is the safest way to pack your belongings? In the time when we are all germophobes, here are a few tips to do it safely.

Pack Professionally and Safely

Sanitizing equipment is essential in the time of the pandemic. Use protective gloves and sanitizing liquid to clean the items as you go. We are often not aware of the germs and how much we are touching different items in our homes. Now is the time to pay attention and make sure that, when you move in and need to unpack, your belongings are clean and sanitized.

Wipe All Boxes

Disinfecting liquid or wipes are your best friends at this point. Make sure the boxes for packing are clean before you put anything inside them. Since you don’t want to carry the germs to your new home, sanitizing is a must. Also, provide hand sanitizer for the relocation team so they can transport your items with clean hands.

Get Plastic Crates

If possible, avoid borrowing cardboard boxes from others. Cardboard, when damp, weakens and can damage your items. The safest and easiest thing to do would be to rent plastic boxes. Plastic is – besides being durable and resistant – easy to clean and sanitize.

Prioritize Health

Avoid any physical contact with the moving team (if you hire them) for your and their safety. Check your temperature and be mindful of your health condition. Use protective masks and keep a safe distance. We will get through this together!