Home Packing Series – How to Pack Bathroom

Packing a bathroom can be easy and systematic. Let’s see how it can be done.

Bathrooms might not be big, but they can be some of the trickiest rooms to pack. When we compare a bathroom to all other rooms, it usually contains the most products with liquids inside, aluminum cans, etc. It is the only place, aside from when you are packing your kitchen when you have to pay attention to not spilling something and making a major mess. Packing a bathroom can be easy and systematic. Let’s see how it can be done.

Sort Your Cabinets Out

We all know how it goes – over the course of months and even years, we tend to accumulate some junk in our cabinets in the bathroom. Go over them and check your products, whether they are skin and body care products or even medications. Toss the expired or suspicious-looking bottles and packaging. After you sort them out, the packing will be easier. 

Protect & Seal

Skin and hair care products, as well as make-up, need to be sealed and protected, as some of those packaging’s can be fragile —double-check and seal all the bottles that can spill in transport. You can seal most of them with duct tape, but you will have to toss those you cannot secure. Bubble wrap or even cotton pads will help protect and fill out some hollow packaging.

Packing Items

Label your boxes so you know where you can store them for transport. You will have to be particularly careful while using cardboard boxes, while with plastic crates, you will have more security and freedom.