Home Packing Series – How To Pack Bedroom

What are the things to pay attention to when packing your bedroom? Let’s find out together.

Packing your home can be overwhelming and tricky, but it can be pretty easy to handle with an appropriate plan and organizing. The bedroom doesn’t sound as tedious of a task as packing home office or kitchen, but it takes some attention, too. What are the things to pay attention to when packing your bedroom? Let’s find out together.

Leave Bedroom Last

Bedrooms take the least effort to pack of all the other areas of your house. Let’s suppose it has the least complicated elements to pack – bed, closet, and vanity. That is why it’s the easiest to leave the bedroom last on your packing list.


If you don’t want to leave tasks unfinished and pack the bedroom as soon as possible, you can pre-pack most of the items there. You will need your clothes, bed, and sheets until the last day, as well as after you just move into your new home. That’s why you can leave those unpacked since you are using them and pack and prepare everything else.

Bed, Mattress, Vanity

For most of the clothes and the wardrobe, you will be able to pack and disassemble first. The closer you come to the relocation day, the more you can pack and leave only essentials for yourself. Empty the closet and pack the clothes the easiest way for you – in clothing bags or even garbage bags, if you are DIY-ing it.

Mattresses should be packed in special mattress bags to prevent them from getting damaged or dirty. For your convenience and easier carrying around, try to disassemble the bed as much as possible.

You can store cosmetics and all the fragile items from the vanity in durable plastic boxes to prevent damage or spilling. Protect all the bottles and seal them (ex. body lotions, make-up, fragrances, etc.) before packing.

Even though packing can be a tedious task, preparation for a new life chapter should always be exciting. We wish you the best of luck in your new beginning.