To be able to safely relocate your belongings and move to another home, you first have to pack everything up, and going room by room makes the process easier and more systematic. However, if we can call packing “dirty work,” this is when we can do that. Packing a garage is much different than, let’s say, packing a living room. A storage area like this one often contains different items that are heavy, sharp, and even hazardous. Your storage area, once properly packed, will be easy to relocate. Let’s see how to pack a garage safely and easily, in a few steps.

Check for Hazardous Items/Materials

Every garage usually contains things like paint or paint thinners, cleaners, oil, pesticides, and other substances that are potentially hazardous. The moving company usually won’t relocate those items so make sure to know what cannot go into the moving truck or what you have to transport in your own vehicle.

Packing Tools & Outdoor Furniture

Tool kits usually go with their original boxes, and that would be the ideal box to pack them in. Another great option for heavy tools would be sturdy boxes made of plastic and of appropriate size. As for the garden furniture, remove the cushions and pack them separately, and clean everything and disassemble if possible. Before placing it into the moving truck, protect the furniture with appropriate padding not to get damaged.


If you have motor vehicles you need to transport, check for the transporting options with your relocation company.

We wish you the best of luck with the relocation.