These days, our home office is the place where all the magic happens. With most people working from home, we turned our office rooms – or a part of the living room, if you don’t have extra space – into full work-mode areas. All the electronics, files, and other items are critical for your business. That’s how the office items should be treated and packed – with care. 

Packing your house office shouldn’t be a hassle. Let’s go over the main points of how to do it safely and systematically. 

Backup Your Files

Your PC contains documents and data vital for your work. You’d probably hate it if you moved to your new home and find out the data were missing. To be on the safe side and avoid the worst-case scenario, use your external hard drive to backup all the information you have there. After that, you can start disassembling and packing the PC.

Use Sturdy Boxes For Fragile Items

Office equipment might contain some items that can get damaged during transport. If you don’t have the original packaging for some of the electronics or other items (depending on your job), plastic durable boxes will do the trick. Just make sure to wrap and protect the items before placing them in the box. 

Mark Cables & Wires

With electronic appliances, you might feel lost when you start re-assembling them in your new home. That’s why, before disassembling them, mark the cables (or take pictures of all the cables in the right place) and wires.

Wrap Furniture

Just like when packing your living room furniture, protecting office furniture is a must. After disassembling what can be disassembled, wrap pieces of furniture in moving blankets. Places pieces of disassembled furniture into boxes, too, and label them.