To move stress-free, it’s crucial to pack well. Why is this so, you might wonder? The reasons are pretty obvious for this one – if you organize and pack all your memories and valuable items neatly and safe, you’ll feel like the weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The items need to be well protected but also transported safe, which depends on the moving company (and moving boxes) you choose. If you want the pro movers to pack your belongings, that is also an option, but how to do it right when you do it by yourself? Let’s check what you need to pack well.

Choose By Purpose

What packing supplies also depend on how far you’re going to move. Old or borrowed cardboard boxes can be great if you’re relocating to a different neighborhood in the city, but if you’re moving cross-state, it can be quite an issue. The more fragile items you’re transporting, the more carefully you need to pack them.

Protection of Items

To protect all the fragile items you have, like the fine china, art pieces, decorations, etc. you have to use the right padding items. There are many options – bubble wrap, protective paper, even some DIY options like towels or blankets can be of great help.

Good Quality Boxes

Maybe the essential part of organizing and packing might be this one. Choose the sturdy, resistant crates to minimize the possibility of anything breaking. The cardboard option might be the affordable one, but the long-distance relocation can be unpredictable, and the weak boxes can result in something breaking or getting in contact with moisture, and nobody wants that.

Organizing Equals Labels

When you take the time to label the boxes which belong to certain rooms, for example, the transport, as well as unpacking, will be much easier. Label the items well, and it will be easier to stack the belongings in the truck, as well as to organize in the new space.