Packing for a relocation is one of the essential steps to make the moving day go well. Packing every room and sorting every detail is important, but why? Because it will make a difference while you are unpacking.

Just like with packing, unpacking can be strategic and made easy, too. Here are some tips to make the unpacking process smooth.

Sort Your Boxes & Furniture

Now that all of the items are in your new location, the plastic crates did their job in protecting your belongings, the movers (if you hired them) are out and you are left there with all that stuff, it’s time to get the show on the road. Do a walk-through and check all the items and boxes – is every box in the appropriate room? Sort what needs to be sorted before you start opening them.

Bathroom goes First, Bedroom Second

Your bathroom items are probably the ones you will use the first. However, no need to get into the nitty-gritty immediately – you can fold the towels, etc. later. Take care of the essentials first, after which goes the place you will love the most after the day of unpacking. Set the furniture in your bedroom and unpack the essential clothes. Make your bed so your resting oasis is ready.

Unpack Kitchen Third, Living Room comes Fourth

Here comes the place everyone dreads unpacking, but look at the bright side – after you unpack your kitchen, you will set it so you can have meals there. Now you’re almost there, but don’t give up on keeping the pace. Unpack the living room while you still have the energy. You can do it.

Extra Rooms & Additional Items

If you have more rooms in your new place, the time for them comes after you’re done with other, crucial rooms. Whatever you are using those rooms for – guest rooms, home gym, office – see where you want everything to be placed and take your time. You are done with the crucial parts of your home, anyway. If you still have some additional items, see where they should go.

After you’re done with all the unpacking, you can do some decorating, final clean-up, and – you are done. Congratulations!