Whether you are relocating and need to use storage space for some amount of time, or want to get rid of some excess furniture in your home, any reason to pack for storage is valid. However, packing for relocation and packing for storage can differ in some elements. How to pack things for storage so they are adequately preserved? Here are some things you should know.

Before Packing – Inventory

It doesn’t matter if your items will stay in storage for a few days or a few weeks. No matter how long they are there, you will ease your mind by taking inventory. Write down and make a list of items you packed and stored – especially the items of higher worth. Not only will you keep track of all the items so they don’t go missing, but you will also know if any of the items get damaged.

Clean and Prepare

When you are packing for storage, you are taking into account that the items will stay there for some time. That’s why, before packing, you should clean, vacuum, and disinfect your belongings. Whatever you pack needs to be dry before it goes into the boxes – damp or wet items can grow mold and possibly damage other items, too.

Pack Linen Carefully

Your linen, clothes, or any fabric can be a target for mold, strange smells, or even insects while in storage. That’s why it’s essential to protect them properly. For linen and clothes, vacuum-sealed bags can be a great option to preserve them. Also, plastic boxes which can be sealed are one of the safe options to preserve items.