With relocation being a stress factor in itself, the fact that we are experiencing a world-scale pandemic is giving it another dimension of worry. Can I even hire movers and how will they carry around my things? How should I pack and sanitize everything? What do I need to organize and pack properly? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about moving and packing, and how to make the process smooth.

Add Sanitizer to Your Cleaning Supplies’ List

Even though it sounds like a no-brainer by now, it doesn’t hurt to remind you of this product in the hectic days of relocating and organizing. You won’t only need the sanitizer for cleaning and packing by yourself, but also when your movers arrive on the spot. Yes, movers can provide you with their services, but with masks, enough social distance, and hand sanitizer.

Original Appliance Boxes & Plastic Crates

Not only that stocking up on ridiculous numbers of cardboard is wasteful – it can be dangerous during pandemics, as well. Avoid taking cardboard boxes from someone as the virus can stick onto those surfaces. Using the original boxes of your home appliances is the best idea. Additionally, when you rent plastic boxes, you can easily sanitize them and they will be safe for use.

Don’t Underestimate Packing Time

The earlier you start packing, the less stress you will feel overall. You can start with packing the things you know you won’t need for a while. Clothes you know you don’t need for that season, anything that’s hanging on the wall, Christmas décor (since we are at the end of February), etc. are candidates for packing immediately.

Follow CDC Guidelines

To make yourself and your family stay safe during the pandemic, be updated on the latest CDC guidelines. Also, consult the relocation team you hired on how to prepare for the moving day to ensure maximum safety, not only for yourself but for the employees, too. Good luck!