If you are passionate about cycling, your two-wheeled friend is of the essence and will go with you wherever you relocate. If you are moving long-distance and don’t want to sell or give a bicycle away, you will have to pack it. But, how can you do it properly?

Yes, you can successfully pack and protect your bicycle when you relocate. Let’s check out how to pack and transport it in perfect condition.

Prep the Packing Materials and Tools

When you are relocating a bicycle and need to pack it properly for transport, you will need different packing supplies. Some of the materials will be the standard packing materials – like a cardboard box or wrapping paper – and some will be unique to the bicycle, such as foam protectors, fork protectors, etc.

You will also need tools for partial disassembly of the bicycle, such as a couple of wrenches (hex, torque, and pedal ones) and pliers.

Clean Your Bike

Before you take your bike apart and start packing, it needs to be clean. You don’t want to relocate all that dirt to your new location so give it a good wash. Also, while you’re cleaning it, give it a thorough check for possible damage or where it’s worn off. That’s how you can fix or replace it before you leave.

Partial Disassembling and Packing

You can detach the seat, remove the pedals, the front wheel, the handles – basically, all the parts that can be removed and packed. When you’re left only with the bike frame, put it in the designated box. You can also find packing tips for the protection of the fragile parts that include the proper isolation and wrapping, but make sure to use sturdy crates, possibly durable plastic boxes for the smaller parts. After you are done with packing, mark everything as fragile. Good luck!