For most people, packing sounds like the opposite of fun. Sorting out your items, putting everything into your cardboard and plastic boxes, and labeling doesn’t really scream “party,” don’t they? But don’t worry – you can make packing exciting and fun. Here are tips and tricks to make your sorting and packing process an enjoyable experience.

Turn Up That Music

If you have an appropriate soundtrack for your packing endeavors, even hanging out with your boxes can be an enjoyable thing. What music makes you move? What songs empower you and give you that much-needed energy? Make your winning playlist and get to work.

Make Packing a Workout

If you are doing all that physical work, add in some real squats and pushups in the mix. It can be a weighted squat if you are holding a full, labeled box in your hands. We can use any opportunity for a healthy workout.

Treat Yourself

When you know how to pack your kitchen and do a good job, a reward should follow. Never forget to congratulate yourself for a job well done – order some nice takeout, make a cocktail (maybe in a plastic cup because all your fancy glassware is packed). Do whatever makes you happy.

Evoke Good Memories

Moving out is surely the time to celebrate all the good moments in that location you are about to leave. Of course, being excited for what is to come is essential, and you can strengthen it by remembering all the good times. Be grateful and go on a trip down that memory lane. Remember all the moments you laughed and were happy – that will surely bring out the good feelings.