Some of us have a genuine love affair with our refrigerator and freezer. Oh, and let’s not forget the pantry – the lovely pantry can hide some deliciousness in it, too. However, when we need to pack all that up and relocate, it gets less exciting. Packing kitchen supplies can be hard, but what about food? Here are some tips on how to do it systematically and get ready for the movers.

Cook & Eat As Much As Possible

One of the great ways to minimize the amount of food you’ll pack is to use it up before moving. Prioritize the foods and ingredients with a quick expiration date. This is another great way of saving money you’d usually spend on takeout or delivery.

When Packing, Think Weight and Size of Boxes

The boxes you’d use for food shouldn’t be too big, and they should be sturdy. Plastic relocation boxes and crates can be a good choice for relocating food. With food, as with anything else, think about the weight – the heaviest packaging should be at the bottom; lighter goes on top.

Check What Can Get Spilled

You might think you can just place a bag of flour to the bottom of the box and hope for the best. Well, it won’t, because flour and sugar, for example, can go everywhere. That’s why you should place the ingredients that can spill into either sealable plastic bags or some other containers.

You Are Responsible For Your Booze

Most moving companies won’t transport alcohol, so if you have a collection you’re proud of, make sure you pack it into your own vehicle.

Share Leftovers

This doesn’t only apply to when you are relocating, but that’s the time when you might have some extra food you can share. Your neighbors or friends nearby might want to have some of your food. If you don’t know who to share it with, consider donating some food to the local shelters.