Packing Food – What to Know

Packing kitchen supplies can be hard, but what about food? Here are some tips on how to do it systematically and get ready for the movers.

Moving with small kids falls into a special category of stress. We always think about disassembling furniture, packing books, or kitchen items, yet not many talk about the massive playrooms that children’s bedrooms are, especially if your kids are younger than school age. Toys are challenging to organize, not to mention some of them can be pretty fragile. So, how to pack your kids’ toys and not lose your mind? Here are some useful tips.

Make Inventory – To Donate, Keep, Etc.

Yes, you might have toys you know your kids don’t need any more but you still want to save for sentimental reasons. However, some toys are unnecessary, and other kids might enjoy them. That’s why you should check all the toys before purging. What needs to go in the “donation” pile? What will and won’t be used? Make a quick inventory.

Clean & Disinfect

Some of those toys might get dusty and dirty, especially with smaller children who are not as neat as adults. Relocation is the perfect time to clean and disinfect the toys. That way, when you open those moving boxes Chicago and unpack, you’ll get fresh toys ready for use.

Disassemble Big Toys

If your kids have some of those dollhouses or train setups, remember to disassemble those. The sooner you do it, the less you will have to hurry to do it, and you won’t lose any pieces. Those things are not cheap!

Pack Into Boxes

If you are using cardboard boxes, make sure to “strengthen” them if possible because the weight might cause them to lose shape. Sturdier, plastic moving boxes will do a better job protecting the toys, but make sure to put a protective layer to the bottom of every box. Wrap and protect the fragile items while you can go “rougher” on stuffed animals. Good luck!