When moving a house or business to a different location, you learn a lot about organizing for the moving day, as well as packing. The latter is definitely, quite a tedious process and, depending on the size of your house or office, it can get lengthy. Also, it can be easy or quite complicated, depending on the items you’re packing. For example, packing clothes and books is an easy task – those items are the easiest to put into boxes and suitcases simply because their shape makes it easy. But, how do you pack strangely-shaped items like certain lamps, decorations, or tools? Here are a few pieces of advice on how to do so. 

Find Enough Time for a Demanding Task

If the oddly-shaped items are a daunting task for you, the best thing to do is designate a specific time to protect and pack them. When you complete a task like this, it will be easier to pack other items.

Use Appropriate Packing Materials & Boxes

Since items with an odd shape are more challenging to fit into a box and keep safe, you need packing materials. Get packing paper, bubble wrap and moving blankets (or even your towels or blankets for buffering if you want to save money), duct tape, and a labeling marker. Boxes are also quite an essential item – the more fragile items you have, the sturdier boxes will be of help. When you get plastic packing boxes, you won’t be afraid that the boxes will get squished or damaged in the process, along with your fragile items in them.

Do You Need Professional Help?

Sometimes, you can’t handle everything by yourself. Suppose you have fragile and pricey items you want proper care over. In that case, professional packing service might come in handy if among those oddly-shaped items you have delicate and pricey items you want adequate care over. It’s up to you to weigh in pros and cons, such as convenience and pricing.