Packing can be the most tedious and stressful part of relocation or smooth and organized, depending on how you approach it. When you’re preparing for packing, you can do a lot to save yourself space and unnecessary luggage. Let’s see how to do it.

Decluttering Is a Must

Purging before packing is a no-brainer. The more excess items you have, the higher the shipment cost will be, and we don’t want that. Check all your home areas to see what can be thrown away, donated, or given away to family and friends. Parting ways from non-essentials, even though hard for some, will be easier than paying extra money when you’re trying to save it.

Relocate With Full Drawers

You will need a lot of boxes for packing as is, and if there is a chance to minimize their number, by all means, use it. One of the ways to do it is to keep the drawers of your furniture full – but only with light items, like clothes. When you secure them with tape, so they don’t move, you will be ready to go and save up on your boxes. However, do not leave heavy items in your drawers as your furniture might get damaged in transport.

Pack Heavy to Light

The optimal boxes for packing your valuables are sturdy, reusable plastic boxes. They will safeguard your belongings the right way. But, whatever boxes you’re using, make sure to use the heavy-to-light trick to provide the most balance to your boxes. 

Everything Is Packing Material

Bubble wrap and packing paper are great, but if you want to save up on your packing materials, your clothes, towels, or blankets can do the trick.