Relocation has many segments – finding the right moving company, organizing the details around the moving day, transferring utilities, decluttering, finding packing supplies, packing, unpacking – the list seems like it has no end. Of course, the action that takes the most time is the packing process. You have to pack when you don’t feel like it, but getting it done is of the essence.

You must wonder how long it takes to pack a house or an apartment. Let’s quickly guide you through the length of the packing process.

Exclude the Stress and Rush

Let’s imagine you won’t have to pack like crazy and cause yourself some packing anxiety, trying to do as much as possible in little time. We recommend you start as soon as possible. You will be so much more relieved the sooner you start.
Also, make sure to pick the right moving boxes made of plastic. Choose a durable material and prepare all the packing supplies you need – even the DIY ones, if that’s your pick.

Packing Time by Size of House/Apartment

Packing time can vary by many factors, but if you do it without rush and give yourself enough time, it can look like this:

  • Four-bedroom apartment/house – over 40 hours of packing
  • Three-bedroom apartment/house – around 20 hours
  • Two-bedroom apartment/house – 15 to 20 hours
  • Studio or one-bedroom apartment – 10 to 15 hours

This packing time will vary according to your organizational capabilities, but you can do it comfortably within this timeframe. It will be up to you how you can schedule it alongside your work and daily duties. Good luck!