Relocating has many organizational aspects to think about, and packing is arguably the most tedious one. It can take the longest and drive you away from other things you need to plan. Also, you have to do it right to protect your belongings. Fortunately, if you equip yourself with the right packing materials, you will pack smoothly and easily. Here are some options and alternatives.

Bubble Wrap – Alternative: Corrugated Bubble Wrap

The advantage of bubble wrap – aside from being very satisfying to pop it after you’re done moving – is its reliability in safeguarding fragile items. The downside is that you would usually need quite a bit of it.

For nature lovers and those who don’t want to mess with plastic, corrugated bubble wrap is an eco-friendly option.

Packing Paper – Alternative: Old Newspapers

Packing helps pack so many different items, whether it’s wrapping a mug or a painting. However, as some of you don’t want to spend approximately 20 dollars or more for a bulk of packing paper, old newspapers can do the trick, and it’s a more sustainable option, too.

Styrofoam Fillers – Alternatives: Biodegradable Air Peanuts, Reusable Air Pillows

Styrofoam is the one that aids in filling the space when your items sit loosely in boxes or packaging. You can use bigger chunks of styrofoam or peanut-sized ones to fill up the packaging. However, for those who are not fans of this non-sustainable material, options like air pillows you can re-use, or air peanuts made of biodegradable material, would be a better choice.

Cardboard Boxes – Alternative: Plastic, Re-Usable Crates

Cardboard boxes are a standard solution many of us opt for, especially as we probably have some already lying around our house. While one of the valuable pieces of packing advice is to use the boxes you already have on hand, rentable plastic crates can be a game-changer. They are not as fragile as cardboard and can be used multiple times. You can rent them and return them so other people can use them, too. One more benefit is that you can easily clean and disinfect the plastic.