Relocating your house, apartment or even company can be a tiring experience. Actually, it’s not only tiring; it can be bad, not only for your mental health (in some cases) but it can be very bad for the environment as well. Most people, when they are so overwhelmed with the relocations, don’t even think about the effects they make on our beloved planet Earth. And it would be so simple if they did! So, have you ever thought of renting moving bins? There are many reasons why reusable boxes are a great idea for relocations; here are a few of them.

Great For Environment

As previously mentioned; all that cardboard usage has gotten out of hand. That is why renting move boxes is an eco-friendly solution. Many people around you can use these sturdy boxes and if you are a nature lover and aware of what we’ve been doing to it – you’ll love this solution.

Reusable Boxes – Safer For Your Belongings

Cardboard boxes, even though may seem like a cheap solution, can cause you more harm than good. What do we mean by that? Cardboard is much more fragile than plastic and can get wet, can bend quite easily and you might risk damaging your valuable items inside.


Regular boxes are low-cost, but, if not used before, they need to be assembled, one by one. So imagine, if you are packing an endless sea of items from a four-bedroom house, how much time is that going to take? When you rent plastic crates, you won’t have to bother doing that time-consuming work.

Plastic Relocation Boxes – User-friendly

When you rent plastic move boxes (BluBox is a great example of a reusable-box-renting company), have in mind they are also stackable moving boxes. It means you won’t have to worry about positioning them and what will happen to them in the truck.